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Intimacy Disorders

In many cases we can connect the reasons why we seek therapy to an intimacy disorder. Intimacy disorders can be loosely defined as anything in a person’s psyche that creates barriers to developing, experiencing or sustaining satisfying relationships. By psyche I am referring to an individual’s beliefs, feelings, behaviors, and personality. And relationships can include [...]

Avoidant Attachment & Sex Addiction

Much of American culture values being individualistic, which can discourage having a reliance or dependence on others. You have probably heard someone say “I had to do it myself”, when describing how he or she accomplished something. On further examination, most stories like this would likely reveal at least one support person who helped in [...]

The Paradox of Shame

Shame is a critical part of sexual addiction and pornography addiction. It keeps people from seeking treatment and overcoming their addiction. But, shame is also paradoxical. Understanding this paradox might help you move to the next step of recovery.

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