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To serve clients with sex addiction, their partners, relationships and families. To that end, we have brought together a team of therapists with specific skills, talents and experience to meet the needs of our clients.
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Dan GabbertMasters of Science, Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist
Dan Gabbert holds a Masters of Science in Counseling Psychology from Avila University in Kansas City, MO. Dan is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Certified Sex Addictions Therapist (CSAT), a rigorous certification issued by The International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP). Dan is also a Level 2 EMDR therapist and uses the technique extensively in the treatment of trauma. Additionally, Dan is professionally trained as a co-active coach through The Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, CA. Dan has been coaching clients from all walks of life for over 8 years, has thousands of face-to-face client hours, and has focused primarily on sex addiction for the past 5 years.

Prior to launching his counseling & coaching practices, Dan sold multi-million dollar deals, worked for Fortune 100 companies, created and grew teams, worked in start-ups and family business. His understanding of people, compassionate attitude, and appealing to the sense of “right”, have endured as characteristic throughout his career.

Dan brings experience, discretion, excellent training, and passion for others to his coaching and counseling clients.

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Chris AdamsMasters of Science, Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist
Chris Adams is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the State of Missouri and holds a Master’s of Science in Counseling Psychology from Avila University. Chris joined Counseling & Recovery Partners in early 2015 as a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist – Candidate (CSAT-C). Since joining the practice, he has helped numerous clients navigate their recovery through both individual and group therapy work.

Chris is a Level 2 EMDR therapist and uses the technique and approach extensively with clients to overcome traumatic experiences in the past and present.

Chris has enjoyed working with college students in the past and, although he works with clients of all ages, he is especially drawn to working with individuals struggling with sex addiction and their partners who are 18 – 30 years of age.

Prior to joining Counseling & Recovery Partners, Chris worked in case management at a community mental health agency helping clients with persistent and severe mental health illnesses. He also has experience providing career exploration counseling to individuals, and has worked in the banking industry as a manager and commercial lender. Chris has been successful throughout his career because of the compassion and understanding he has for the people that he serves.

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Kathy MaloneMasters of Science, Licensed Professional Cousnelor
Kathy Malone is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the State of Missouri and holds a Master’s of Science in Counseling Psychology from Avila University. Kathy’s specialty is working with women’s issues, including helping partners of sexual addicts recover from the trauma, hurt and heartbreak associated with their partner’s addiction.

Kathy has worked at MOCSA (Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault) as a therapist and educator where she treated individual clients and led groups on a variety of topics involved with healing from Sexual Trauma. Kathy’s current focus is helping women live full, enriched, balanced lives.

Kathy has a warm compassionate style and utilizes breath work, art therapy and other body-based techniques to help women deal with trauma and other emotional issues. Kathy has a Positive Psychology focus, helping women identify and build on their strengths to achieve wholeness and well-being. In addition, Kathy is a Level 2 EMDR therapist and weaves the technique and approach into Positive Psychology and helping clients honor their true selves.

Therapy with Kathy involves a supportive environment where clients can uncover the behaviors and patterns that are getting in the way of their success and help them create positive change in their lives.

Sarrah CainMasters of Arts, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Sarrah Cain, LCSW, graduated from the University of Kansas School of Social Welfare in 2005 and has been focusing her work for the past 10 years in the treatment of trauma, overcoming sexual abuse and sexual trauma, and working with partners of sex addicts. Sarrah trained in Trauma Informed Care, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Prolonged Exposure and other forms of trauma reduction.

Sarrah completed the Prolonged Exposure certification in 2012 and is one a very select few therapists in Kansas City to complete the rigorous clinical, supervisory and educational components of the certification. Sarrah’s passion for her clients’ healing, attention to their emotional well-being and strong belief in positive self-care allow her to help clients make lasting improvements in themselves, their families and their relationships. She is also a practitioner of Mindfulness techniques and helping clients learn to live in the present moment.

Jenny HavemeierMasters of Arts, Licensed Professional Ccounselor
Jenny Havemeier has been a licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the State of Missouri for 10 years and holds a Master’s of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology as well as a Post Master’s Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy from Saint Mary’s University in Minneapolis, MN. Jenny provides therapy for couples and families as well as therapy for children and teenagers.

Jenny has over 15 years experience working with couples, families, and children who have experienced trauma, who are in crisis or who are needing help and support resolving issues. She has experience working with clients who have struggled with mental health issues, issues with addiction, grief and loss as well as parenting issues and custody cases.

Jenny’s therapy uses a positive approach focusing on clients’ strengths. Her style is supportive and encouraging, with a strong belief in the client’s ability to work through issues and change patterns which hold them back in their life.