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Addiction can ruin your life.

Sexual addiction is difficult for your friends and family to understand - often because they see only the sex, not the addiction.

If you’re truly addicted to sex, you know the high you get, the internal satisfaction, and maybe the guilt or shame afterwards. Although it’s very different than some other addictions, at its core sexual addiction is behavior that provides some form of relief or excitement for the addict. We’ll treat the addiction in multiple ways – first understanding the behaviors and working to stop them, then dealing with the underlying issues.

Although not officially recognized yet by the psychology and counseling fields (it’s not in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) it poses some of the greatest risks to those caught in its trap. Ruined relationships, lack of intimacy and personal bonds, constantly dominating your thoughts, health risks such as STDs including HIV and AIDS, and the embarrassment and shame of “being caught”. The need for “more” often leads sexual addicts deep into trouble in many facets of their lives.

There is hope. With a discrete and confidential counseling relationship, you can beat this addiction. Having a relapse plan, understanding the core of the disorder and finding healthy replacements for your addictive behaviors will allow you to take back your life and begin enjoying sex for all the right reasons.

If you’re struggling with sexual addiction, or if someone you know is struggling, please contact us to arrange a discrete, confidential discussion and get on the road to living the life you deserve.