Individual Sex Addiction Therapy

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Sex and pornography addiction can involve a great deal of shame, and cause a lot pain and hurt in relationships. Individuals typically progress in the addiction without being fully aware of how out of control their behaviors have become. Because of the ongoing damage that sexual compulsive behaviors can cause in life and relationships, it is crucial to work with a professional to develop a plan for sobriety and abstinence from unwanted behaviors. While developing a sobriety plan is crucial to minimizing further crisis and damage, it is considered to be one of three general goals in addiction recovery.

Addictions are often a symptom of core issues including depression, anxiety, low self-worth, lack of securely attached relationships, problems establishing and maintaining intimacy, or experiences with trauma, neglect, and abuse. At Counseling & Recovery Partners, individual therapy provides a safe space to address these underlying problems that may have led you or a loved one to use sex as a way to cope. Healing past hurts and traumas that have an impact on present functioning can be a catalyst for maintaining sobriety now and in the long term future.

In addition to sobriety and understanding the core of your addiction, it is equally important for recovering individuals to develop healthy coping strategies for life stressors. To that end, individual therapy work involves becoming intentional and responsible for living a balanced life with healthy coping behaviors.