New Support Group

New Support Group

One of the best things you can do for yourself when battling sexual addiction is to join a support group. Research shows that people who engage in the following 5 practices have the best chances of recovery from sexual addiction:

  1. Individual Therapy
  2. Group Therapy
  3. 12-Step Meeting attendance
  4. Working the 12 steps
  5. Couples Therapy (where appropriate)

If you or someone you know struggles with sex addiction, group therapy is a critical element in dissolving the shame that accompanies this addiction. When you sit with people who understand your story, empathize with you, and have walked in your shoes, so-to-speak, the shame of addiction begins to dissipate and recovery can begin.

In our new support group, we’ll take 10 weeks to walk through a series of activities to help you progress through the first 7 Tasks of recovery as defined by renowned sex addiction expert, Dr. Patrick Carnes. You’ll begin to break through denial, understand addiction and sex addiction in particular, create a support system, and much more.

If you’d like to get involved with this group, please contact me through this website, or call me directly at 816.309.5626.

About the Author:

Dan Gabbert holds a Masters of Science in Counseling Psychology from Avila University in Kansas City, MO. Dan is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Certified Sex Addictions Therapist (CSAT), a rigorous certification issued by The International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP).