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Tuesday Evening Sexual Addiction Support Group

Join us every Tuesday evening and make the changes that will allow you to live free of sexual addiction.

There are many approaches to treating sexual addiction. The one that people in recovery report as being most helpful is group therapy. Working through the issues of sexual addiction in a group setting provides huge benefits, including: shame reduction, camaraderie, normalization of your experience, practice being in trusted non-sexual relationships, being supported  and supportive.

Additionally, group therapy for sexual addiction will help you with accountability, learning new ways to find and maintain sobriety, understanding your addiction (to increase your awareness and avoid relapse), and tools to help create emotionally intimate and significant relationships.

Through this group you will begin the journey out of sex addiction, into sobriety, then recovery and finally move into purpose and meaning. Life is not meant to be lived with addiction.

Join us every Tuesday evening from 6:30pm – 8:00pm for a great group therapy experience and begin your journey to the life you were meant to experience.

Use the “Contact Us” box to the right of this page to send an email to Chris Adams or, contact Chris at (816) 945-2277 for more information and to get registered for group.