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Parenting brings about some unique challenges - even for the most connected families. With the pace of life today and our teens and “tweens” being so connected, it can sometimes feel impossible to relate to them or to get their attention. Likewise, for our kids, it sometimes feels like parents “just don’t get me.”

When your teen is in trouble or you suspect something is happening, we can help.

Understanding options, coming up with new ways to approach difficult situations, learning new parenting skills, working to set boundaries with your teen that are manageable and everyone can agree to – these are just some of the things we can help with.

In addition, the emotional roller coaster that sometimes accompanies parenting a teen can be difficult to navigate. Likewise, for your teen expressing themselves is often difficult, especially to their parents.

And, parenting teens along with all of life’s other stressors can create tension in your relationship. We can help with all facets of life, parenting and relationships. If you’re stressing or feeling overwhelmed, if your teen is struggling and you don’t have “all the answers,” we’re here to help.